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Peter Plant, Danish University of Education has said of Information Technology:

‘If ICT is the answer – what was the question?’


Makes the point that the ICT tail wags the Guidance dog


ICT can have an impact on us – can challenge our mastery of our practice


Working on own /in pairs just identify:

How ICT has affected you in personal life eg telephone banking
How ICT has affected your professional life
How ICT makes you feel


Will INVITE participants to share their responses but they are not REQUIRED to disclose.


Process responses – recognise:

RANGE of responses
NEGATIVE responses
POSITIVE responses
MIXED responses

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Ariadne: out of the e-labyrinth
Today’s group: who we are
Ariadne: out of the e-labryinth
Intended learning outcomes are
We define how to work with ICT
IAEVG Competency framework
The web and your practice
Substitution (or value added)?
Value added (or substitution)?
Recommendations Gothenburg, 2001 I
Recommendations Gothenburg, 2001 II
Ariadne guidelines
Web-based tools & Underlying Theory
Matching Approaches
Sociological Approaches
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New Theories
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Evaluate 3 websites
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