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Ariadne project description

Ariadne is a transnational project (comprising 5 partners from 4 member states) which will clarify the assumptions underlying Internet based guidance tools in order to create a platform for development.


The project has three main objectives:

1. To clarify the underlying assumptions behind the creation of Internet-based tools for guidance and counselling by highlighting those concepts and methods grounded in appropriate counselling and guidance theory which would transfer well to the Internet environment. The existence of various guidance tools already accessible on the Internet raises a number of important questions around quality standards for Internet-based tools and the ethical principles that should clearly inform the design and intended use of these tools when unmediated by an accredited practitioner. In tackling these issues, Ariadne will capture a common protocol for evaluating an Internet-based product across the project group, which will be presented as set of guidelines. The guidelines will serve two distinct but interconnected groups, the better to support future developments . These are: practitioners who would like to incorporate existing Internet-based tools in their practice or indeed be involved in the development of tools; clients who would like to use Internet-based tools either because access to face-to-face guidance is limited, or because they would actively choose the Internet-based product.


2. To increase the engagement of practitioners by connecting the guidelines to their target group, by developing a training model which enables them to put the guidelines above into their practice. This model for training will be tested out with practitioners, in development sessions which themselves are predicated on the theoretical basis of the reflective practitioner, rather than an expert trainer model, the project team members will facilitate the practitioners´ learning.


3. To increase awareness and to support national and international

development in the area through a continuous and sustained dissemination of the project’s idea and outcomes throughout its development.  This will include Briefing Notes produced by the project group at each stage of the project and presentations at professional events at local, national and international levels, and the use of networking of guidance professionals and organisations at national and trans-national levels.


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