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University of East London - UK

University of East London (UEL), Centre for Training in Careers Guidance (http://www.uel.ac.uk) offers initial professional qualification in guidance and continuing professional development. It has a proven track record in designing and delivering training in careers guidance


Nelica La Gro works as a senior lecturer at UEL. She is course leader for the full-time postgraduate Diploma in Career Guidance (QCG) and teaches on both the QCG and MA Careers. Her research interests include investigating interview practice, web-based tools and guidance practice.


Claudia Lasite currently lectures on the Qualification in Career Guidance at UEL. In addition to her involvement with this project, other research interests include the application of theoretical approaches to careers guidance and approaching diversity within education and the labour market.


M. Rachel Mulvey, PhD heads the Centre for Careers Guidance Training at UEL.  Her research focuses on ethics in guidance practice, and its management.  A NICEC Fellow, she co-chairs the ICG Ethics & Standards Committee.

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ASTER - Italy
The Adult Education Committee of Göteborg - Sweden
MENTOR - Romania
Careers Europe -Bradford UK
University of East London
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GRUNTVIG - European Cooperation Projects in Adult Education
This project has been carried out with the support of the European Union in the framework of the Socrates program
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