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Briefing Note 1


Ariadne is a transnational project, supported by funding from the European Commission’s SOCRATES-GRUNTVIG 1 programme.  It aims to develop a set of guidelines for use by those developing and using web-based guidance tools.  These guidelines will emphasise quality and have a strong ethical component and should be of interest and use to developers, guidance counsellors, researchers in guidance and end users of web-based guidance services.



The project has three main objectives:

1.      To clarify and make explicit the assumptions behind the creation of web-based tools for guidance and counselling through highlighting the concepts, methods and theories from counselling and guidance workable in an Internet-based environment. This will be mainly achieved through a set of guidelines for the development of, and use of counselling and guidance on the Internet.

2.      To increase the interest of practitioners and encourage developments in this area. This requires connecting the guidelines to their target group - the guidance professionals - and developing a training model on the use of this kind of tool, and on the use of the guidelines themselves.

3.      To increase awareness about the possibilities and initiatives for development in this sector and to support national and international development in the area. This aim will address the need expressed in key message 5 of the European Commission’s Memorandum on Lifelong Learning (“rethinking guidance and counselling”). This will be achieved by a continuous and sustained dissemination of the project’s progress, results and outcomes.


Projected results

A set of guidelines for the development of web-based guidance tools, focussing on quality and ethics, but also looking at theoretical models of guidance for web-based tools.

An outline-training model that can be used to introduce the above guidelines to guidance practitioners and developers.

A website for the project where interested parties can access the guidelines and training model.


Project Progress          

The project partners have held two project meetings so far.


First meeting – Göteborg, Sweden

Part of this meeting was spent formalising the partners’ areas of responsibility.  It was decided that ASTER in Italy would be responsible for the internal evaluation of the project and the dissemination strategy would fall to Careers Europe for example.  The partners then went on to set themselves tasks and a timescale for the next phase of the project until the second meeting.  This included a survey of national guidance related websites and the drawing up of a structure for the guidelines.  One of the partners was also tasked to develop a web-based discussion board for internal communication in the project.


Second meeting – London

By the second meeting partners had carried out surveys and reviews of websites that were connected with guidance, with the aim of evaluating existing tools in terms of what they actually offer.  Generally partners had found that most existing websites were concerned with information giving or were databases of opportunities, a minority were concerned with self-awareness or guidance.  It was also felt that the latter category were operating in isolation in the sense that as a tool they are part of a whole process but are presented in isolation on the web.  The Swedish partner also found that guidance counsellors in Sweden were often suspicious of web-based tools, holding the view that funders of guidance might see these as a cheap alternative to providing a guidance service.  These results raise interesting questions about the growth of and use of web-based tools that the Ariadne project should seek to address:

What about inequality in terms of access to the net?

How do end users evaluate the quality of web-based Guidance tools?

How do end users evaluate what range of services in terms of guidance, information and access to opportunities they actually need?

At this second meeting a draft outline for the structure of the guidelines was also agreed.  There will be some seven chapters:

1 Foreword

2 Theory

3 National and International context

4 Delivery

5 For Designers and Developers

6 For Users

7 Conclusions

The project partners have organised themselves into working groups to develop the different sections of the guidelines.


Next Steps

A website for the project will be established soon and will contain more information on the project.  It will eventually also allow visitors to download the guidelines and other materials.

The project working groups have a deadline in autumn 2003 for the production of a first draft of the text for the guidelines, which will then be discussed at the third project meeting to be held in Bologna in Autumn 2003.  Further work will then take place on the guidelines in preparation for publication in 2004.



If you are interested in the project and would like to talk to one of the partners you can find contact details below:


In Italy

Centro Risorse Nazionale per l'Orientamento

c/o Divisione Risorse per l'Orientamento e il Lavoro/ASTER

via Morgagni, 4

40122 Bologna



Tel:    +39 051 236242

Fax:    +39 051 227803

E-Mail: centrorisorse@mailrol.it


Ariadne contact: Cristina Cogoi


In Sweden

Vuxenutbildningen i Göteborg / The Adult Education Committee of Göteborg

Box 5412

Skånegatan 20

402 29 Göteborg



Tel:    +46 (0) 31-61 39 28

Fax:    +46 (0) 31 61 39 50

E-Mail: tomas.mjornheden@vux.goteborg.se


Ariadne contacts: Tomas Mjörnheden, Ralf Stenered


In the UK


The Centre for Training in Careers Guidance at the University of East London

Department of Psychology

Arthur Edwards Building

The Green, Stratford



Tel:    +44 (0)208 223 4561

E-Mail: M.R.Mulvey@uel.ac.uk


Ariadne contact: Dr Rachel Mulvey


Careers Europe, the UK National Resource Centre for International Careers

Onward House

Baptist Place




Tel:    +44 (0)1274 829600

Fax:    +44 (0)1274 829610

E-Mail: Mick.Carey@careersb.co.uk


Ariadne contact: Mick Carey


In Romania

MENTOR - Center for Adult Education

B-dul Iancu de Hunedoara Nr 6 B1 H4 Ap 25 sector 1

72404 Bucharest - ROMANIA


Tel:    +40-21-6504776

Fax:    +40-21-3103206

E-mail: center_mentor_ro@yahoo.com


Executive Manager: Viorica Pop

Project co-ordinator for Ariadne: Diana Ghinea

Project officer for Ariadne:  Lucian Branea

Last update:  16:26 17/10 2003

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