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ASTER - Italy

Risorse per l’Orientamento e il Lavoro – Divisione di ASTER  (www.risorseorientamentolavoro.it) develops research in the field of guidance and gives technical assistance to public services in field. It investigates and tests new guidance methodologies developed within pilot projects.


Cristina Cogoi is mainly in charge with the project planning and coordination at European level of projects in ICT applied to guidance and in guidance in adult education. She published some contributions in these fields.


Paola Valandro mainly works in the management of information resources and in the project planning and production of ICT information products (especially web sites and databases) for careers guidance and employment. She published some contributions in these fields.


Antonella Tajani, consultant at the Aster-Resources for Guidance and Employment  Unit, is particularly involved in ICT in guidance projects, projects on mobility throughout Europe and in a wide range of activities aiming to facilitate the exchange of information about study, training and work at a European level. She has particularly dealt with the Ariadne guidelines as well as with the the internal evaluation of the project.


Rosanna Gadaleta, consultant at the Aster-Resources for Guidance and Employment Unit has expertise in web sites and data base designing. She has mainly worked in the following project’s fields: ICT in guidance, mobility throughout Europe and technical assistance to public authorities. She has created the Ariadne project logo.

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ASTER - Italy
The Adult Education Committee of Göteborg - Sweden
MENTOR - Romania
Careers Europe -Bradford UK
University of East London
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GRUNTVIG - European Cooperation Projects in Adult Education
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