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Adult Education Committee of Göteborg - Sweden


Adult Education Committee of Göteborg (www.vux.goteborg.se) works with purchasing and developing adult education. One main task is to support applicants for adult education with information and guidance, while investing in the development of web-based tools for guidance.


Tomas Mjörnheden - coordinator for the Ariadne project, has been working with computer-based guidance since 1987. His experience includes both using methodology and developing strategies. He works with ICT strategies in guidance, both for the Adult Education Committee of Gothenburg and the Swedish National Education Agency.


Ralf Stenered is working as a career counsellor and is involved in development and implementation of web-based guidance products at the Adult Education Committee of Gothenburg. He has a BA in Career Counselling, a Master of Education for the Upper Secondary School and an MA degree in History.


Hongling Tang is a Master student at the University of Göteborg, Institute of Informatics. Her progress thesis is specialised in the use of web-based application system for adult education.



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The Adult Education Committee of Göteborg - Sweden
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GRUNTVIG - European Cooperation Projects in Adult Education
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