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Intention of website - What is the thinking behind the website? For e.g. is it a database or an interactive tool? At what point would the website be used as a tool of intervention?  Would a follow up intervention be necessary or indeed a


An independent site - Is this a tool that the client can pick up & run with? Would the client need to link on to other websites in order to reach objective. There is a need for the practitioner to be conversant with the site & relevant internet links
Resources/services offered - This links in with first point. It is looking at information provided against the information required by the user. The practitioner needs to have a knowledge of what’s available here & maybe elsewhere. A younger client for e.g. may be very conversant with some of these tools due to having had prior access in school or college compared to another.
Looking at how easy it is to navigate the site & find information needed. Is it time-efficient? One also needs to be aware how comfortable user with is using the internet or even IT



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Ariadne: out of the e-labyrinth
Today’s group: who we are
Ariadne: out of the e-labryinth
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We define how to work with ICT
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Value added (or substitution)?
Recommendations Gothenburg, 2001 I
Recommendations Gothenburg, 2001 II
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Web-based tools & Underlying Theory
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