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Initial findings from running this training model (in UK context) are that there is value added from the clients’ point of view.


Value of accessibility – useful where access is limited perhaps because of geographical location or disability or child/elder care commitments
Value of anonymity – useful for client to try something new without committing to it – particularly appropriate at points of transition e.g. towards redundancy, towards the unfamiliar
Value of reliability – response should always be the same given the same input – the computer doesn’t have moods or human fallibility




Madahar, L (2003) Services for Graduates.  CSU/AGCAS.  www.prospects.ac.uk

Madahar,L., Marris, L and Reid, H (2003) Debates in Career Education and Guidance.  Newscheck, Oct-Nov, pp 8.9.  Richmond: Trotman.




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